Welcome there stranger as a reader.

Allright, my new website is done and I am finally being able to just use this as a blog. I am
sick and tierd of people forcing me to have a official website but let's call it so, so people
will shut up. I am now only going to write daily bloggies and I am so not going to even think
about using this site as a fashion blog or lipstick file saver. I am not going to give you any
ideas about what you are going to wear today and I am not going to put in pictures of me
and my boyfriend kissing justto show how mush in luuuuuuv we are. A,a nana aint gonna be
so. I am gonna use this blog for fun stuff like movie reviews and music and stuffs that is not
related to the lady gaga colture. Accept it or leave this site now. If you are the same kind of
person as I am. Enjoy the site and averything about it! Cus you are so welcome sweeties!

For those who does not know me, I am still the singing and politicly interested 21 year old
girl from Sweden who loves to cook and travel. I am now living in Sweden and I am still
ocupied by my guy who I love more then anything else in the hole world. I am sorry that
I can't invite you to our wedding but it will be kinda expensive to invite everyone who reads
this. I am still an Avatar neard and I am still also a neard of tv series like Friends, Simpsons,
Stargate and nerdy stuff like that. Allright, this text makes me sound awesome and tragic in
tha same time. And Why am I writing everythng in english? Cus I'm international and will so
be for the rest of my life. So what is new in my life? I'm going to america the 17th of July and
I will stay to 1st of August. Ok enough with all the selfishness around here. Who are you then?

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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